5 Crafty WordPress Themes for Your Website

Since your website may be the first point of contact that your potential fans have with your brand, you’re right to prioritize its design. Thankfully, offers hundreds of professionally designed themes that empower anyone to create a website — no experience required. Here are five crafty WordPress themes that you can apply to match your brand’s humble, rustic aesthetic. 1. Small Business Small Business displays essential contact information at the top of your homepage. Visitors can easily access your phone number, email address, or store location without needing to click through various pages of your site. You can also highlight a new product, secret sale, or special event using the “Promo Area.” Small Business comes with four style options to cover every business need, whether you’re selling software or promoting your martial arts studio. Small Business Perfect: solid and stately in beige and black with red trim.

Modern Flair: pink and brown with clean lines and angles t…

5 Tips for Protecting Your Domain Names

5 Tips for Protecting Your Domain Names Tips for Protecting Your Domain Names

Domain security is one of the major issues that is often overlooked. I can tell you many examples where businesses had to lose thousands of dollars just because their domain security was compromised. There’s one reliable method to prevent it. Always look for the best domain registrar that take domain security seriously. However, there are some other actions you can take as well. I have prepared some tips for you that might help protecting your domain names. Let’s find out. Look for a Trustworthy Registrar Your domain name will be protected against different issues only if you choose a trustworthy registrar. Over the past few years, many domain names have been hijacked and redirected just because they were not registered at a reliable domain name provider. Make sure your preferred registrar is ICANN accredited. Basically, it’s one of the most important things when choosing a registrar. It will ensure that your …

Starting A Business Blog Is A Must For Success: Eight Tips

For your business to thrive in today’s online world, a strong online presence is a must. Paid advertising on AdWords and social platforms will produce immediate results, but for long-term success, nothing trumps content marketing. And it all begins with what I call “home base” — your website’s blog.
Blogging serves as the base for all other digital outlets; it provides content for social media, newsletters and a source for other websites to attribute and link to. The most successful businesses — from small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to enterprise — think like publishers when producing content. They save all of their product and service information for the main sales pages of their websites. Some even build subdomains dedicated solely to blogging. As Content Marketing Institute Founder Joe Pulizzi reveals in his book, “Epic Content Marketing,” a business must think of content marketing as an asset — not just another expense. Blogging is that asset’s foundation. Here’s how to make it …